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Long Arm Rentals

We offer Long Arm Machine rentals on Saturday morning from 9:30 to 1:30.  We have three machines available - All Handiquilter - A 12' Forte, 12' Amara ( both have a usable width of 130") and a 5' Little Foot ( usable 50").  You can do freehand, pantographs (on either 12' machines) or Pro-stitcher on the Forte.  All pricing is the same.

Rental time is sold in Units of Time - 3 hour($80) and 4 hour ($106.67) blocks and is due at the time of booking.  All rental times will be staffed by a Ryco Employee.  To rent, call or stop by the store.

Customers must provide heir own thread.  We will allow only thread brands we sell on the machines - King Tut, King tut pre-wound bobbins, Glide, Aurifil, Coats and Clark & Harmony.  If a customer wishes to wind their thread on our Metal bobbins instead of pre-wound bobbins, they can use our bobbin winder at no charge.  But the metal bobbin remains the possession of Ryco.  If the customer want to keep the bobbin with their thread on it, they can purchase it for $1.99 - non-refundable.  Red Snappers are available for rental for $5 a session.   To save time, it is a good idea for the customer to have Zippers so they can arrive ready to quilt.  We sell Zippers in the Long Arm Room.  Pantographs and the the Pro-stitcher can be used for no additional charge.

Classes - we will no longer have a traditional class, like before.  I have found that if you take the class and then don't rent for a period of time, a refresher is need.  SO, instead the customer will rent the machine for a block of time, and the instruction will be gin immediately on their own quilt.  There is a teacher in the room anyway.  It can be a pantograph or free hand, whichever the customer wants.   There is a supply list that will be provided when the customer signs up for the class.  It is strongly suggested that you bring a quilt that is not a favorite for your first.

The rental time units begin at the time scheduled and end at the scheduled time.  So if you are scheduled to begin at 9:30, you must be off the machine by 12:30.  The minimum amount of time that can be ordered is 3 hours.  If a customer does not use the entire 3 hours, there is no credit or carry over given.  Customer may quilt more than one quilt during that rental time.

Cancellations are a real problem as it affects an employee's work schedule.  Cancellations for Saturday rentals must be received by Thursday at noon so calls can made to people on cancellation lists.   Cancellations after that window, are not entitled to a refund or credit.  Messages cannot be left on our phone or emails, calls must be made to a real person.

The rental fee for the Amara or the Forte (stand up machines) is $25 per hour. You may use any our our pantographs for no charge

You need to provide a quilt top, batting, quilt backing, thread.  We sell pre-wound bobbins at $1.49 each for your convenience, or you may use our bobbin winder to make your own bobbins.  If wish to keep your metal bobbin, the cost is $1.99 each. to use it for the rental period is free.

We also rent the pro-stitcher machine for experienced operators not requiring assistance, for $25 / hour.  If assistance is required see long arm classes.

Useful Information

Thread: For renters, you may used any of the threads we sell
Top Thread - King Tut, PermaCore, Aurifil, Glide, 
Bottom Thread - Bottom Line (offers the longest and fullest bobbin) but you can use any of the fore mentioned threads.

Leader Attaching Options
Pin to leaders
Red snappers to leaders - you can rent them for $5 per session.
Zippers - Here you would attach the one side of the zipper to your quilt components, and when you arrive here, you just zip them in place.