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We sell the following Longarm machines. Kim is our resident expert on keeping you knowledgeable  on operation of your HQ machine. Jon is our repair man that keeps your machine purring happily. He will come to your house. Come in to test drive and purchase from a store that is there for you after the sale..

 This is the one I have and I would highly recommend it, 10' or 12'
and lots of wonderful extras to make quilting a joy.


This is our work horse.  If you are going to
quilt professionally, this will take you a long way.


The opening or first Long Arm, inexpensive but really fun to run.

With the 5 foot frame you can fit this long arm easily in our small
New England homes. Can come with rear handlebars for pantoraphs,
a little buddy for small quilt you want to put on rollers.  

Simply on a 8' Frame
This is our best seller.   the strength of the 16" throat Simply machine
and  the 8' frame best for larger quilts