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  To make this quilt - one panel trimmed to 42 3/4" x 23 1/2", 1 - 42 piece charm pack, 4 fat quarters cut into 5" squares, 2 half yard cuts - one for panel frame and one for binding.  

Step one - put all charms and extra 5" squares into bag and shuffle pullinng out two at a time, match right sides, pin, sew 1/2" seam on one side, continue strip sewing for all pieces.  turn and sew opposite side.  Clip apart and repeat for unsewn sides.  Cut diagonally with ruler and rotary cutter. press open.  Put all back in bag. shuffle, take out two, match right sides together, sew, press open.  shuffle again, take out two and match on long side sew and you have a block

sew 8 - 4patch blocks together in one strip, repeat for a second take 7 together for remaining two strips.

Sew a 3" strip to long sides of 1 1/2" strips to short sides.  

Sew patch block strips to sashed panel
  If you have 60" wide fabric you will need the width of your ironing board plus 8 inches.   For 45" fabric you will need 2 yards.  This is for normal boards......otherwise you will need the length of your board plus 8".

remember to start your cord at the heal of the board.
   Let Sue help make your binding pretty and smooth.
   the cheater way to circle quilts.
  get over your fear of border prints,  use various angle rulers to get creative