Weekly Newsletter - May 19

I have never really liked sewing with knits but many ready-to-wear garments are made with knits.  AND I know a lot of people want to learn how to sew with them. So, I dusted off the brain and made a pair of those stretch pants out of that wonderful cotton and lycra knit (8% stretch) that we brought in from France.  I used an existing pair of pants to copy a pattern (stop in and I will tell you what a positive/surprising experience that was).

Tips on Sewing with Knits

If you don't have a serger.  Pin your right sides together taking extra care not to stretch the fabric. Use lots of pins. Look on your machine to see if you have a stretch stitch ( the seam needs to stretch with the fabric, not break).  Loosen the pressure on your presser foot (squeezing causes stretching), Use a fine (size 8 or 11) Ball point (or jersey) needle.  Between your throat plate and fabric position a piece of tissue paper or newspaper (tissue is nicer to remove),  have a Sewing Gauge (dritz) positioned lightly in front of your presser foot making sure no tucks enter under your needle. PROCEED SLOWLY.   take a scrap of the knit and Try.....before you sew on your garment.

SO to motivate you to try - 10% off KNITS - solids and prints to get you to try it

Oh the ones in this picture are 72" wide

Review by Ink & Arrow

I was humbled and blown away by the review of our store by these folks and I wanted to share it with you.

Home for the Holidays - Quilting Treasures

Snow, soft scenes ($10.99/yd) and a lovely Panel ($9.69) perfect for a window quilt.

Marc Jacobs of Kaffe Studios

4 of the new ones are in - $11.49/yd

Church Kitchen Ladies by Fabri-Quilt

Zoom in to look at these adorable fun fabrics, not to mention they make you smile with great sayings. $9.99

Video from Pat Ryan

Okay so this is a first - a You Tube video showing you toweling fabrics perfect for hostess gifts or your own house.  And the heavy canvas which I discussed last week - a customer came in an bought it to make pull string beach bags to hold wet towels and suits - great idea

Meadow Deer

A really soft and well mixed collection.  We have the 10" Squares and a bolt of the border fabric to support your creation.


This is a great place to get advise and help with a sewing project, or sew with the group.  Sue - a talented Home Ec Teacher....knows her stuff and can help
No appointment needed just come with whatever sewing project you want.  

A teacher is there to help.  Any time after 5 - $10

Tonight the fire alarms went off and a huge lump jumped into my throat, not to mention Carolyn's also as she was working on the night of our last fire (the one making the big hole next door).  The smoke alarm went off at the front door because of the dust in the air they said.

I, or I should say, WE are having way too much fun and we have you to thank for that!  You keep us alive and vibrant with your support (especially during this remodel - I figure it will be done by Christmas).  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!