If you do not want to purchase a Handi-Quilter product to produce your quilts and would rather rent them instead, you are in luck as we do offer those kind of services as well.

Make an appointment for the time you desire.

When you are using the machine you punch a time card. When you stop using the machine you punch out. You will be charged for the hours you use.

The rental fee for the Avante and Amara (stand up machines) is $23 per hour. This includes:
A new needle
The use of our bobbin
The use of any pantograph in our library

The rental fee for the Simply Sixteen/Little Foot is $21 per hour.

The rental fee for the Sweet Sixteen (sit down machine) is $18 per hour.

Useful Information

Thread: You can use any thread on our machines, however we strongly suggest purchasing:
Top Thread - King Tut, PermaCore, YLI, Aurifil, Glide
Bottom Thread - Bottom Line (offers the longest and fullest bobbin) but you can use any of the mentioned top threads above.

Leader Attaching Options
Pin to leaders
Red snappers to leaders - you can rent them for $5 per session.
Zippers - Here you would attach the one side of the zipper to your quilt components, and when you arrive here, you just zip them in place.