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Ryco offers LOTS of fun classes and in a variety of ways. The Super Beginner classes for quilting and sewing start at the very beginning and you will finish the series with a finished project. Other classes are taught by talented teachers that run their classes within the RYCO family. You can contact them directly to schedule times and fees.
So....You want to learn to Quilt.......This is the BEST class as we take you from the very beginning to a finished quilt. It is a 5 class series where you will learn the steps of quilting how to choose your fabric, how to cut, how to sew quilting seams, how to use the tools. We will hold your hand through all the steps from beginning to end so you can love quilting as much as we do. Class is $50 for all 5 sessions.

Cost: $ 50.00
RYCOTrim will be closed on the following dates.

Cost: $ FREE
The Poppins Bag is a large zipper top bag that is great for all your magical stuff! Two pockets on the outside and inside keep everything organized. Structural stays (included w/the pattern) add support and keep the bag in shape. Class size will be limited to 8. Intermediate sewing skill level required for class.

Cost: $ 45.00
Try your hand at designing your own fabulous quilts with dynamic color in EQ8. EQ8 is an amazing computer quilt design program that is much more fun to learn to use than its earlier versions. You’ll be thrilled at the original designs you can create! Learn the ins and outs of EQ8, as we explore a new topic while we design a new quilt each month. You're welcome to join us at any time as each lesson stands alone. Lots of friendly encouragement to help you feel successful, too.

Cost: $ 15.00
Every Monday at 9:30 unless we are closed due to a holiday. Come join this dedicated group who make quilts for families who have experienced a tragedy in their life, for the homeless and for those who have served our country that have come home and are struggling. Their quilts have been given to children who have deployed military parents, children with cancer and women and children in shelters and the elderly in nursing homes. The group not only serves our community here in RI but has sent many quilts to victims of devastating hurricanes and to our wounded Military men and women in Afghanistan US based Hospitals.

This quilt is designed for beginners who have taken the basic level quilt class. It measures approximately 60 X 60 in and features a fabric that you really like in the larger squares.

Cost: $ 20.00
Strings are all those leftover fabric strips and pieces that float around everyones sewing room. To make a string quilt, you start with a foundation fabric or foundation paper, then use an easy sew-and-flip technique to attach strips and scraps to the foundation until the scraps completely cover the foundation. That’s all there is to it! There’s no fussy measuring, no precision cutting, no pattern to worry about, no templates to follow. Each block comes out different, but combined makes for a great quilt that looks surprisingly put-together!

Cost: $ 25.00
This will be an all day class, 9:30 to 4:30, to make a quilt that is approximately 60in X 60in. Before choosing your fabric, take a look at the sample fabric cards that are displayed in the classroom at RYCO and are also on my website These sample cards are meant as a guide. You should choose your own combinations of fabrics to make your quilt unique. You will be using 10 fabrics plus a neutral background fabric. Think of the 10 fabrics as 5 pairs. You can use all of one color or divide it into 2 colors. Bring your lunch or plan to go to one of the nearby restaurants. Or you can participate in our pot luck lunch - just bring whatever you want to share, and bring your own drinks.

Cost: $ 25.00
Learn how to use quilt panels to create a quilt top with a unique design of hexagons surrounding one of the panels. The size of your quilt depends on the size of the panels and how many of the hexagon blocks you decide to use. My sample is 48in X 70in.

Cost: $ 35.00
The PhD part stands for Projects Half Done. This part of the class is where you can bring in a project from one of my classes that you need more time or help with and I will be able to work with you.

Cost: $ 10.00
Every beautiful quilt needs an equally gorgeous quilted pillow sham to match! Express yourself with a center panel made any way you like. You could piece it with extra quilt blocks, an appliqu? design, a piece of an antique quilt, afghan, lace, doily, etc. You could make the center a mini t-shirt quilt, pop in one of your UFO?s that may not have made it far enough for a full quilt, or use a pre-printed panel. The center is small enough that you might want to step out of your comfort zone and try something you?ve never done before but were afraid to try. After all, if you don?t like how it?s coming out, you didn?t spend too long on it, and you can always make it into a placemat!

Cost: $ 20.00
Storm At Sea is a traditional pattern with a twist- there is a heart worked into the design. You choose which size you want to make. Large finishes at 82 in square; or the smaller quilt which finishes at approximately 60 in square. The design is the same just the size of the blocks change. This paper pieced quilt is made with patterns that are folded as you sew new pieces so you never sew on paper. This way you can use the pattern over and over and there is n paper to remove from the blocks.

Cost: $ 35.00
I call my version Tabby Triangles - variation of Tula Pink's Tabby Mountain. The original pattern is a download. I made mine w/scraps + Kona solids. Tool the small or large 30 degree triangle ruler. My version uses the small. Original the large. Students can choose to make any size triangles with a little tweaking.

Cost: $ 25.00
The "strip tube technique" we'll use to make these classic "Trip Around the World" blocks is fun and easy enough for beginners, yet challenging enough for seasoned quilters too. There are limitless possibilities for fabric selection and placement. There are no special tools required. All you need is your sewing machine and a seam ripper. You can make any size you wish, but you might have so much fun you might just keep making blocks and blocks and never stop!

Cost: $ 25.00